Live Like a Princess or Prince

I was in line at Walgreens last night and saw a special edition of People Magazine that highlighted Princess Kate Middleton. Of course I bought it wanting to know all the behind the scenes I could. This morning on my way to work I heard a familiar song and the phrase that caught me was, “you are holy, you are righteous, you are one of the redeemed, set crownapart…”. My mind swirled around these thoughts as I let it sink deep into my soul. I thought about the magazine I bought the night earlier and wondered, why do many of us want to be princesses and princes? Is it that they have enough money they can have whatever they want, is that even true, don’t they have to budget at some level? Is it the fame and fact that so many people desire to be them or at the very least meet them?

For many the answer to those questions is yes. However, for those of us who serve the one TRUE KING, are we not already princesses and princes? Why don’t we feel and act like it?  The sad truth is there are more days when our human lives fail to be what we thought and hoped they would be. We are tired of the day to day, weary from the wars raging all around us, and we have weak hearts and minds that easily lose sight of our King.

Today, it’s Friday, but shouldn’t it be more exciting that we ARE PRINCESSES and PRINCES? More importantly, Our King has provided everything we need for today. The answers we are looking for might still be in Heaven, but with our eyes set on His Throne we can walk confidently knowing He sees us, knows us, smiles upon us, and WANTS US TO LIVE LIKE HIS PRINCESSES and PRINCES. Live like people want to know the hope you have inside. Live like your worries and fears can be taken to the King and laid at his feet to handle. Live like your greatest joys are that much sweeter when you see the huge smile on the King’s face celebrating with you. Christ did the work on the cross for all the strife and struggles we face down here. We don’t get free passes, but we can rest in knowing he’s in control and sitting on the THRONE OF LOVE!