Legacy of a Woman

  • What does truly making a difference look like?
  • Does it come in the form of a large bank account or for that matter a small one?
  • Does it come through our televisions and computers in the form of fame?
  • Or does it come in the daily of our routines?

Women (and men) live in a constant state of “doing”. I need to get groceries, I need to clean the house, I need to get to work, I need to spend time with my family and friends. Yet, is all this “doing” really getting us anywhere?

We strive to be great, to achieve success, to be best wife, friend, employee, parent. However, we rarely experience any feelings of Compassreaching these goals. Why? Could it be that our focus is on ending up somewhere rather than enjoying the journey? There is an inner Compass in each of us that points us in the direction we need to go, but so many times we try to tell IT where north is. This Compass allows us to turn in any direction we want, we can even make an “about-face” or spend time making 360 turns that provides the sensation of living in a large hamster wheel.

Joy comes from standing still allowing the compass to gain its bearings and then show us which direction is North! It is in these moments when we realize how far off course we are that we then find the TRUE MEANING OF LIFE! It’s not in knowing where we are headed, it’s finally understanding that we are headed in RIGHT direction. With the recognition of how far off course we are, comes the honest opportunity to make a difference.

You see, the JOURNEY to ALIGN and follow the direction of the compass is much more valuable than knowing (or dare I say “thinking I know”) where I’m headed and how I’m going to get there.
It is in the journey we realize that our constant effort to “get it right”, to impress, to be perfect, to be ENOUGH are futile and we tend to focus on those aspects than the opportunities before us: good or bad. Yet, when we just make sure we are in step with the Compass then we gain peace. For you see, the Compass doesn’t show us how much longer we have before we arrive, or layout the plan in front of us like a roadmap. No, the Compass calmly knows with unwavering certainty the direction to go. We just follow in It’s footsteps. This is the TRUE LEGACY OF A WOMAN!

The Legacy of a Woman, is to give up the chase of being and doing what we think we need to be. It is to rest in not having everything figured out, allowing the laundry pile to grow, allowing time for rejuvenation for both yourself and those you love, it’s in knowing that you are going to get off course. That is why we have a Compass! To help us know when we need to adjust. The Compass doesn’t demand we go His way, He allows us to spin our wheels. But He is also always ready and waiting to continue the journey when we are ready. The Compass is always present even if we are off course. The Legacy of a Woman is accepting the journey where it is at and trusting the Compass to do it’s job and point me in the direction to go!


2 thoughts on “Legacy of a Woman

  1. I love this metaphor and the point of standing still so the compass can do its work. The pic in this is cool. It is clear God is providing kind revelation to you in this journey!

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