Inspirational Talks

Hand of God - NASAJanuary 9, 2014 NASA released this picture entitled, “Hand of God”. It is called a pulsar wind nebula. It’s powered by the leftover, dense core of a star that blew up in a supernova explosion. There are certain things that are constant no matter how many years pass. God’s involvement in our lives is the one guarantee we have. Just as he created our hand-prints to prove our individual uniqueness that cannot be taken away.

In recognition of this key element of our lives, Jenny Taylor provides inspirational speeches that tug at the heart strings which motivates people to action. She has spoken to small and large groups ranging from 15 to 6,000 in attendance. Her passion to see people make lifelong change is visible through her attention getting stories and motivational questions. Jenny strives to show how asking more questions of God and each other makes us stronger individuals.

Schedule Jenny for your next event.

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