About Jenny

WOW YOU LOOK GREAT! Hi, I am Jenny Taylor president of Journey Creatively, LLC. I have worked in leadership roles since I was in my church youth group, which I calculated was over 20 years ago. Leadership has been an essential part of my entire life. As I observed individuals who led early on in my life, starting with my parents, I’ve realized that leadership it is not something you do, but it is how you live. To be an effective, positive leader, it becomes a part of your DNA. Too many of us say we are too busy to spend time working on our leadership style or how to improve so that our followers benefit. There is a misconception that many believe it just takes too much work  be a strong leader or worse we think we are a good leader, but when a third party individual talks to your staff or team a different message is conveyed. It’s ironic that with as many leadership books that we have on our tablets, in the bookstores, or if you’re like me on your bookshelf, there is an epidemic of poor leaders across the globe. Some people think if they have a team that reads a leadership book together and briefly discuss it then great things can happen. Yes, there are fantastic leadership books that have been written, I have many of them. But failing to implement ideas gained from books, conferences, webinars, etc. is the pitfall many find themselves in. They’ve read great books or attended inspirational events, but we find ourselves unchanged.

This brings us to the heart behind Journey Creatively. I’ve worked for some terrible bosses and yet each of them had our teams read many leadership books. I’ve worked for 1 or 2 individuals where we rarely relied on a book to chart a course, but our team was stronger and more effective. Journey Creatively aims to customize approaches that will not only help you grow as a leader, but encourage you to think outside the box and become creative. Even if you have no creative bone in your body, we will help you.

A little about me, I grew up as a pastor’s kid in Colorado with my older brother, sister, mom and dad. Yes, I’m the youngest and still make my family pay for it! I earned my BA in Bible and Religion from Anderson University in Anderson, IN. I earned my master’s degree in Global Leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary. My passion is three faceted: helping leaders/individuals become better (we’ve never arrive at perfect leadership), making our journey more fun and creative than boring, and inspiring individuals on discipleship that grows. I believe wholeheartedly that relationships are the core to our existence. We must love God first and others second and this is best orchestrated through discipleship. Journey Creatively, seeks to join you and your team where you are at and build on the future together.