I’m No Angel

I’ve been thinking about how angels work and the evidence we have of them in the Bible.  We all have heard about how angels reflect perfection and how we measure up. Yet, I believe there are more to angels than our Hallmark analogies.

Angels react to God’s presence without hesitation and immediately respond to His calling.

But more importantly, when they represent God they never apologize for interrupting someone’s daily routine. They speak with complete confidence knowing that what they are doing and saying are exactly what God wanted them to do.

When they sang over the shepherds there was no mistaking who’s they belonged to. When the angel appeared to Sarah and Abraham there was no, “Can I come in and talk?” The time Jacob was upset with God the angel fought to remind Jacob who was in charge. People say that Angels don’t experience  emotions or feelings, yet how can you express such reverence for a brand new baby, or bring joy to a waiting couple, or role around in the dirt AND not have emotion.

What I admire about angels is their unwavering devotion to their God, now I’ve heard some believe that angels don’t have the capability to feel. I wonder how this possibly could be because when I yell or praise God I can’t help but get emotional.

To live like an Angel is no easy task, but the hope to become like them is enough motivation for me. Now, you all know me, I am better at perfecting being human than being angelic, just ask my mom.

However, the characteristics of an angel: having no fear, knowing my calling and doing what’s needed to get there, firmly convicted in my beliefs (no compromise to showing God’s love), having a contagious love for my God, making no apologies for communicating God’s purpose, and being passionate about what God is doing in human’s lives, are what I try to strive for.

How Great it would be to hear God say, “You’re my, Angel!”

To be angelic for me no longer means perfection, it means to be passionate!!!

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