Sunbeams Show God’s Glory

Yesterday I was in the middle of my weekly routine of driving to my church women’s group when God interrupted my drive. Sometimes he needs to show off his power and control over every aspect of life. He made the sun shine through the clouds where you were able to see the sun rays. Now, this is not the first occurrence of this experience nor will it be the last, but yesterday I saw the GLORY of GOD. Why? Yesterday wasn’t any different than many other days. Could it be that I was awakened to WANTING to see God. When we are in the midst of trials we are much more conscience looking for God because we are desperate for Him. Sun Beams

In a world where tragedy is so common that we are immune unless it involves massive loss or unique and new ways to commit crime, we are increasingly less desperate for God. Satan has won the war of numbing us to pain and thus our need for God.

Our awareness is heightened as we move through Holy Week, but we know the end of the story so even the amazement of the miracles that took place through the week during Biblical time are diminished. However, think of a situation where you need God to show up in and then think about the disciples clueless posture as they moved through the week leading up to Christ’s death. Now mentally place yourself during the three days between Christ’s death and resurrection. They moved about without knowing the end result. They has to lean on God’s love and trust him for strength. Could you be in the middle of your “three days”? Knowing the end of the story is incredibly reassuring and causes us to miss the turmoil and grief that took place during those days…until we start to experience the inactivity and silence of God in our personal lives. The struggle is that we don’t know the end of our own stories, so we struggle to know and TRULY BELIEVE God is at work. But His PROMISES are true!

We must increase our faith! We must proclaim the love God has for us that is as deep and active as it was for Christ. The moment we discount this truth, Satan begins to build a stronghold that prevents us from believing and consistently proclaiming that God is at work. This hesitation leads to a world where we rarely believe wholeheartedly that God will move and is moving in our lives. Yes, He doesn’t move the direction we tell him or on our timeframe but scriptures PROVE over and over that God answers the prayer we rarely know to pray: the plead that God will not leave us and that he hasn’t forgot us. More importantly that he deeply loves and cares for us. These are the prayers that are mostly unspoken because as humans we don’t always know what we need, but God knows and he speaks to our spirit daily. It is our responsibility to pay attention.

Let us turn from our little faith and work to believe God’s love. Even in his apparent inactivity our eyes deceive us and God is working by allowing things to happen in order for him to be able to move more precise and bring us to awareness of his movements. We must live to see God’s Glory because he shows us daily!!!

One thought on “Sunbeams Show God’s Glory

  1. wow. I so needed this. I am in the middle of my three days…and yet I am telling myself ‘quit being so consumed with your stuff it’s Holy Week, there is big God stuff happening this week.

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