Opportunity to Kill a Spider

Today I had the opportunity to kill a spider the size of a half-dollar. Before I took out my anger management on this spider by crushing it with my foot, I watched it as it realized I was in the room. It worked itself to be close to the wall and then played dead. First of all, I did not know that spiders played dead. Second, I was convicted of two things: how selfish I am and how many times I will “play dead” in order to not be crushed.

Who am I to determine that a spider doesn’t deserve the right to live. God created spiders for a reason to help our ecosystem, but I’m rarely confident that reason outweighs them crawling around.  On a more important scale-who am I to say I deserve a better car, better job, new clothes, etc.. Mom met with a lady yesterday who was running away from an abusive husband. She left everything but the clothes she had, her 6 month old baby, and a truck to drive her to her parents. Her husband stole her purse with all the money she had saved, her license, any other id. Second, how many times have I and am I “playing dead” in order to not get crushed by others, God, or even myself. I wonder what other areas we “play dead” in to avoid things and how many things we are selfish in that we don’t even recognize?

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